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Best Remodeling Tops

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6 Jun 2018

Innovative Kitchen Painting and Color Ideas

Innovative Kitchen Painting and Color Ideas The kitchen is the only room in the house with the desire for a lot of attention. You cook and eat your food from their daily, so it gets surrounded by a lot of activities daily. Due to this, the paint wears out quickly as compared to other areas in the house. Kitchen painting is a massive way of keeping the kitchen atmosphere clean and new. When settling on colors of the paint, you need to pay attention to the final display the room will get. A lot of aspects need to be in the mind like kitchen cabinets, kitchen appliances, and countertops, not forgetting windows and doors of the kitchen. Ideas of kitchen…
Innovative Kitchen Painting and Color Ideas
Finding the Perfect Kitchen Windows and Doors
1 Jun 2018

Finding the Perfect Kitchen Windows and Doors

Finding the Perfect Kitchen Windows and Doors Have you been thinking about replacing your kitchen windows or doors? You are on the right track of giving your kitchen a modern look. You don’t have to wait until the old kitchen accessories wear out for you to start to think about remodeling your space. There comes a time when you just want to change the design of your kitchen and make it more attractive. Let us have a rough idea at some of the issues you need to think about as you plan to work on your kitchen windows and doors.   Casements Casement windows are highly functional, beautiful, and help in creating a great curb appeal for your kitchen. These…
26 May 2018

Green Eco-Friendly Remodeling

Green Eco-Friendly Remodeling Are you ready to go green in your kitchen remodeling? This article will give you insights on how to create and eco-friendly, energy efficient, and healthy kitchen that you have been dreaming. Green eco-friendly remodeling entails making choices depending on your budget and lifestyle. However, these decisions are not very easy to make. For instance, a certain green product may use less energy and outlast but be more expensive than another similar product that offers the same level of service. The fortunate thing is that the expanding market for stylish and smart green products is assisting in lowering costs. Therefore, it has become very easy to have a green kitchen that you will also love. Here are…
Green Eco-Friendly Remodeling
Various Options for Kitchen Countertops and Surfaces
15 May 2018

Various Options for Kitchen Countertops and Surfaces

Various Options for Kitchen Countertops and Surfaces The market has a long list of options for kitchen countertops and surfaces. In this article, we will be looking at some of the common materials that are available on the market when looking for countertops. It will help you to make an informed decision when trying to remodel your kitchen. It’s wise to understand all the advantages and disadvantages of each material in order to make an educated choice. You don’t want to learn some of these things when you have already installed your kitchen surfaces. Take time and learn about each of these countertop materials before you embark on the kitchen remodeling task. In this article, we will only focus on…

SoFlo Kitchen Remodeling & Custom Cabinets is a company engaged in designing your kitchens, remodeling, and custom cabinets. We do great kitchen remodeling west palm beach and throughout many other cities. We are an affordable shop that exists to bring the best quality among homes throughout South Florida.

We focus on three areas specifically:

  • Cabinets
  • Design
  • Customization

We have a creative and professional team of designers to measure, plan, and point you in the right direction for the best possible solutions for your new kitchen. From complete Kitchen Renovations to contemporary & traditional kitchens, SoFlo Kitchen Remodeling is the perfect partnership for your kitchen remodeling needs.

Years of experience in the field of kitchen remodeling and customizing cabinets helped us to gain the trusts from our loyal customers. We provide many options and services from which our customers can choose from.

Looking for kitchen renovations, customizing new cabinets, remodeling the entire kitchen or any other solutions for making the kitchen more vivacious and petite? If you live in South Florida, then SoFlo Kitchen Remodeling is your perfect partner to deal with.

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Kitchen Remodeling

Remodeling your kitchen is not a small deal. One should consider many factors before remodeling the kitchen [kitchen remodeling south florida]. At first, whether to keep the current layout of the kitchen, make small changes or remodel the entire kitchen has to be decided. There is a number of other factors such as where to place the fridge, where the dishwasher shall be placed, sink place and size, waste management, type of granite, under cabinet lighting.

These all require an expert to advise and recommend based on the customer requirements and budget. The expert knows which part of the project requires less investment and which part of the project requires more investment and shall advise accordingly.


Our portfolio of services offerings are explained below in detail:

  • Kitchen Remodeling Contractors and Complete Kitchen Renovations

Are you planning on renovating your kitchen? Are you planning the kitchen of your dream? Are you looking for a complete overhaul of the kitchen within your budget? Having years of experience in this field SoFlo is truly remarkable in providing the best remodeling your kitchen. Visit us and explore your favorite remodeling and design ideas.

SoFlo offers commercial kitchen remodeling as well. If you own a restaurant or a hotel and cooking a food for commercial purposes, you always try to offer remarkable services for the best customer experience. We help in to achieve that.


  • Kitchen Cabinets and New Cabinetry

SoFlo helps in spicing up the kitchen storage completely. Whether you are looking for decorative finishing, decorative colors or a perfect hardware, SoFlo provides everything. Moreover, if you want the cabinets to have a traditional look or a modern look, the designs of SoFlo is just vivacious.


  • Traditional Kitchens

Traditional kitchen has an elegant look which has a timeless design and formal. Traditional kitchen aims to create a homely and warm feeling.

SoFlo has numerous traditional designs that fulfill the customer’s requirements. SoFlo uses the popular natural materials for natural finishing which makes traditional kitchens more adorable.


  • Contemporary Kitchens

How do contemporary kitchens look like? With the usage of new technologies and high tech materials, contemporary kitchens are perfect for the modern life. The contemporary kitchen looks stylish and gives a luxury touch to your home.

SoFlo offers solutions to contemporary kitchens requirements. SoFlo offers a number of ideas for your contemporary kitchens. SoFlo helps in giving your kitchen an industrial look, compact, citrus kitchen, orange or white design or light-filled designs. Further, we also offer both traditional and contemporary combination for your best kitchen experience [kitchen & bath south florida].


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  • Kitchen Countertops and Surfaces

Due to rapid advancement and modernization, today we are available with a number of patterns, textures, and colors for choosing the kitchen countertops and surfaces. It ranges from acrylic sheets or natural stone to stained concrete. There is nothing like which is the best countertop. It completely depends on the number of factors such as how busy it the kitchen budget of the customer or any other requirements of the customers.

Day in and day out the fashion and trends are changing. Choosing the right kitchen counterpart is not easy. We need to be updated with the latest theme by continuously studying the change in the latest technology. SoFlo does that for you. We strive and are committed to providing the best quality products to our customers. The countertops and surfaces are made up mainly of marble, Corian, quartz, glass, and tile.


  • Granite Countertops

Always popular, commonly used for years, granite countertops are amongst the favorite countertops of the customers. It is wear resistant, tough and still affordable choice for the customers. Further, it highly enhances the look of your kitchen. 

SoFlo offers following colors in granite countertops;

  • White (always looks good)
  • Ferro and Canadian Gold
  • Typhoon Green
  • Blue Pearl
  • Baltic Brown

The list is just indicative. SoFlo offers much more combinations of the countertops.


  • Outdoor Kitchens

Have you been planning on building an outdoor kitchen for a long time? Don’t wait! Cooking and dining outdoor can be the primary reason to spend time with your loved ones in the yard. Your yard is a luxury and it meant to enjoy with the family.

The outdoor kitchen may be L-shaped, U-shaped or an Island. The outdoor kitchen may be movable or built in. SoFlo has got creative ideas for your outdoor kitchen. Our creative professional team will suggest the worthy ideas which can make your outdoor ding experience just awesome.


  • Kitchen Backsplash

From vintage to contemporary, there is a number of ways in which the design and style options that you can choose for your kitchen backsplash.

SoFlo offers a wide range of colors and materials which can be of any look and suitable to your kitchen. The kitchen backsplash is available in granite, tumbled marble, glass, glass tile, Metal tile. The most commonly used kitchen backsplash is tile backsplash.


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5 Star Google Review-SoFlo Kitchen Remodeling and Custom Cabinets-From Concept to Creation

In need of kitchen remodeling?

Let SoFlo Kitchen Remodeling bring your dream kitchen to life. Our work 100% guaranteed.

Understanding the Design Process

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3 May 2018

Increasing the Value of Your Home with New Cabinetry

Increasing the Value of Your Home with New Cabinetry Have you had dreams of installing new cabinetry in the bathroom or kitchen, but you cannot justify your costing? It is crucial to consider crucial home improvement statistics. What makes bathroom and kitchen remodeling value additive? It is by far the clean and fresh appeal of new cabinetry. Therefore, if remodeling a full room is not in the question, you just have to start and end with cabinets. You will enjoy a similar appeal to the home while reaping similar increased benefits of value. What makes kitchen and bathroom remodeling so value additive? By far, it's the fresh and clean appeal of new cabinets. So if a full room remodel is…
Increasing the Value of Your Home with New Cabinetry
Top Design Ideas for Your Kitchen Cabinets
28 Apr 2018

Top Design Ideas for Your Kitchen Cabinets

Top Design Ideas for Your Kitchen Cabinets Kitchen designs have been evolving over time. In the past, the kitchen was found in the rare of the house but contemporary designs now take the kitchen out the background. The challenge that most people have is creating a more open-faced kitchen design that is part of a family room, dining area, or a great room. There are several points that you need to put into consideration as you design your kitchen. Ask yourself whether the kitchen will have an island or not. You also need to know whether you are going for a traditional or modern design. Think about the appliances that you will be including in your new design like kitchen…
15 Apr 2018

Add Custom Woodwork in Your Home

Add Custom Woodwork in Your Home Everybody loves seeing custom woodwork, and a lot wish they could possess customized pieces at home. This is the reason for many becoming involved with woodwork and starts with elementary woodwork principles, to learn while on the go. This skill is great and develops with experience and knowledge, and it starts with simple basics of the craft. When you want to employ a professional to install woodwork in the home, you will realize the involved prohibitive costs. It will be quite enriching and affordable to learn to do woodwork by yourself. This will be helpful as it adds character to your homestead while learning diverse aspects of woodwork. After learning techniques of performing your…
Add Custom Woodwork in Your Home
Choosing the Best Kitchen Sinks & Faucets
3 Apr 2018

Choosing the Best Kitchen Sinks & Faucets

Choosing the Best Kitchen Sinks & Faucets Are you in the process of remodeling your kitchen so as to give it a contemporary look? If yes, you could be searching for a single lever faucet to give you a high level of convenience. There are several tips that can assist you to get the best product that the market has to offer. However, it is important to begin by determining where you can find the right kitchen sinks and faucets so that you don’t have a rough time. The market has various types of faucets that have separate knobs for cold and hot water temperature. You will find it so helpful and exciting to install new kitchen sinks and faucets…


  • Kitchen Tile and Stone

The outer design of your kitchen depends upon your kitchen tile and stone. Hence the type of tile and stone shall be chosen wisely.

You can browse our wide range of tile and stone accessories that are available in slate, marble, granite, limestone, split face mosaic, quarry, terracotta, quartzite etc. Each of the stones is varying from one to another and fixed as per the requirements of the customer. SoFlo is one of the largest retailers of kitchen tile and stone.


  • Kitchen Sinks & Faucets

Kitchen sink and faucets are available in a variety of styles and finishing. Hence, sometimes you may find it difficult that which kitchen sinks and faucets best suits your kitchen as well as your budget.

The experts at SoFlo helps in choosing the best kitchen sinks and faucets based on the understanding of your requirements. We make your task easy in choosing the style which matches your kitchen.


  • Kitchen Cabinet refinishing

Do you want your existing cabinets to give a stylish and attractive look? There are plenty of ideas that SoFlo can help with. SoFlo offers from traditional to contemporary style for refinishing your kitchen cabinet. Further, SoFlo is available with the latest trends and the fashions in the kitchen remodeling industry. We offer paint solutions, stain, glaze, and other custom finishes of a kitchen cabinet.


  • Kitchen Designs

Designing overall kitchen majorly includes designing the flooring, the work surface, the cabinets, the tile, and stone. These factors not only chosen based on the outer appearance. However, the durability, cleaning advantages, comfortable etc. also shall be considered.

SoFlo offers a variety of designs for the kitchen. The kitchen is the heart of your home. SoFlo helps in choosing the right theme for its design. When you have a small kitchen, you need to accommodate a lot of things in small space. The design team at SoFlo helps the optimum use of the space.


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  • Custom Cabinetry

Besides offering new cabinets and refinishing of the existing cabinets, SoFlo offers customization of cabinetry as well. It may sound difficult to customize the cabinetry of your kitchen but we are here to help and simplify.

We customize the cabinets as per your requirement. SoFlo offers the highest quality of craftsmanship which best suits your kitchen.


  • Kitchen Windows & Doors

The windows and doors help in getting the amazing outer views. Do you want to be the natural lights to your kitchen or a window which helps for exiting in case of emergency?

SoFlo offers a variety of window and doors which can best fit your requirement. The range varies from casements, single hung, gliders, etc. in Low-E, Insulated and/or High Impact Glass.


  • Kitchen Lighting

The kitchen is the hub for many people. Hence, the kitchen shall be comfortable with the perfect lighting.

SoFlo offers all the types of lighting such as recessed, pendant, to be used under cabinet, specific task lights, or general lights and lights with the matching accent to your kitchen. Many people make mistake by installing too many lights in the kitchen. Our team will help in achieving optimize lighting solutions with the lower consumption of electricity.


  • Green Eco-Friendly Remodeling

If you want to remodel your kitchen and want to apply environment-friendly techniques, it is a smart step.

SoFlo helps in implementing the best practices to create the environment-friendly and energy efficient kitchen. SoFlo always promotes green and eco-friendly remodeling of the kitchen for sustainable development. We use green countertops, sustainable cabinets, flooring made up of renewable energy sources etc.


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  • Cabinet Refacing

SoFlo also offers to preface of your cabinets. Sometimes this helps in avoiding the cost of installation of new cabinets. Reface instead of reinstall. It saves your time and creates no mess.


  • Kitchen Painting

SoFlo is not just the trader of the kitchen equipment. However, we also offer the printing solutions for your kitchen. It is frustrating and time-consuming job to choose which paint is perfect for your kitchen.

Years of experience in the field helps us in choosing the best combination of the color for your kitchen. We help in choosing the right paint.


  • Kitchen Appliances

Besides remodeling the kitchen, SoFlo also offers all the kitchen appliances such as chopper, mixer, grinder, fryer, microwave oven, blender, cooker, stoves, sandwich maker, tea, and coffee maker and much more.

SoFlo is a one-stop shop for procuring all your kitchen appliances.


  • Kitchen Flooring

SoFlo offers durable kitchen flooring. It is wise to choose the flooring based on the usage of the kitchen. It the usage of the kitchen is intensive and high than the flooring shall be of a rock-solid quality and vice-versa.


  • Custom Woodwork

Customization of woodwork can be possible in almost any area of the kitchen. Whether it is cabinets, windows or flooring you can customize by woodwork based on your requirements.

The above all the services help in modernizing or giving a traditional touch to your kitchen. SoFlo deals only with the best brands products. SoFlo procures the materials required directly from the manufacturer. SoFlo passes the advantage of the lower price to its customers. It gives us a competitive advantage.

SoFlo believes that there are some essential ingredients which create your kitchen exceptionally. These are smart design, a perfect functionality, and petite style. Our team is always passionate about practicing these for procurement and providing value-added services to our customers.

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Recent News & Updates

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2 Mar 2018

Best Kitchen Design Ideas & Tips

Best Kitchen Design Ideas & Tips Most people like to have useful and beautiful kitchen designs so as to give their space a more compelling look. Contemporary homes not only require spacious kitchens but the ones that also have a practical and good-looking design. If you are an investor, then you must understand that the kitchen plays a critical role in selling the property. Therefore, you will require an excellent kitchen design that will enhance the resale value of your property. The layout of the space and the interior design of your house are central at determining its value. The kitchen is a critical area in your home and combing different elements such as compact appliances, flooring, and lighting will…
Best Kitchen Design Ideas & Tips
How to Design Contemporary Kitchens
22 Feb 2018

How to Design Contemporary Kitchens

How to Design Contemporary Kitchens One of the most important rooms in any home is the kitchen. You have to prepare all your meals from this place and most people also enjoy to eat from this space. People who enjoy cooking will tell you that an orderly and clean contemporary kitchens is critical as it is the space for food handling. Therefore, every surface in the kitchen has to be spotless and free from germs. Apart from the importance of cleanliness in the kitchen, the also has to be fully equipped. It is more inspiring and convenient to bake and cook when you have all the equipment and gadgets you require. The ambiance of your kitchen should also have an…
3 Feb 2018

Small Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

Small Kitchen Remodeling Ideas Are you stuck with your trivial kitchen but have massive concepts? Do you possess envy for the kitchen and have wishes that you possessed the floor space and counter space owned by your family? At times, you have the thought of knocking the wall down and putting up an addition to the house but that is not one of the cards as of now. You are jammed with the small kitchen for you to do small kitchen remodeling with what you possess. Anyway, how can you do small kitchen remodeling for your kitchen space? How can you make this space be more pleasant and more spacious for your family? The designation of the game is acceptance…
Small Kitchen Remodeling Ideas
Various Kitchen Layouts
21 Jan 2018

Various Kitchen Layouts

Various Kitchen Layouts The kitchen is one of the most important spaces in any house. As a homeowner, you will be spending a lot of time in this room to prepare meals for your family. Therefore, this space has to be highly entertaining and function. This is the point where kitchen design comes in handy. The good thing is that you can always modify the design of your kitchen over time. The concept of kitchen design is a great one as it provides users with a broad range of ways of setting up their kitchen. As a user, having an excellent design will lead to work optimization. The optimization process has been taking place since the 1900’s. Most of the…