Understanding Kitchen Painting & Patterns

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The kitchen is the central part of the home to prepare your choicest delicacies as well as a perfect place to mingle. Your visitors may not visit your bedroom, but, there is a high possibility of seeing or visiting the kitchen. Therefore it must have a priceless aesthetic view, which, painting will achieve in an affordable way.

However, kitchen painting is best handled by a professional, because, kitchen painting demands exceptional skills, especially when the painting involves cabinets, cupboards, doors or windows.

SoFlo kitchen remodeling and cabinet installation are perfect for combining colors effectively to beautify the kitchen as well as meshing the colors with the color of the kitchen cabinets. So visit us today to beautify your kitchen, hence, enhance the beauty of your home.

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Colors for kitchen painting

There are varieties of colours suitable for the kitchen, but, selecting the best colour that will best fit your kitchen requires creative skills and experience. Selecting the wrong colour for your kitchen may render your kitchen unattractive, because, colours communicate and their behavioural styles differ.

So give us a call right away or send us a message via our website to help you select and combine colours that will best fit your kitchen also do the painting. For instance, did you know that green is a brilliant shade to use in the kitchen or you know that yellow is the perfect colour choice for a small space?


Green creates a fresh and calm atmosphere in the kitchen, and it blends well with white or wood ascents. And is a brilliant shade to use in the kitchen.


Yellow illuminate a home and is a colour that fit small rooms perfectly well. And it is a perfect blend of colours like white or gray also complement varieties of cabinet woods.


Grey is a pure neutral colour, and it adds elegance to your countertops or cabinets. As much as neutral colours are okay, they have to be blend with colours like green or blue to cool it down and red or orange to energize it.


A touch of red will spark or spice up your kitchen. And is a perfect blend with stainless steel appliances.


It takes a professional designer like SoFlo kitchen remodelling and cabinet installation to use white colour to turn around your kitchen. From white ceiling, white walls to white cabinets.


What first come to your mind when you see brown, odd? No way! A reddish-brown wall blends perfectly well with brown cabinets.


Blue may not be okay for kitchen, but, if you wish to have a blue colour in your kitchen, we can blend blue with earth tones like white or greys.

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Color combinations for kitchen paintings

Grey and White

White can be merge with grey for your kitchen with white as the main color and grey touches at the top level of the kitchen. And white and gray combination can blend with black assents.


Blue, Green and white

Cool colours will create overall calmness in your kitchen so blending green walls with dichromatic blue and white colour cabinet would be fascinating.

Come over to our office to enquire more about the best colors that will best fit your kitchen.


Paint for kitchen painting

Among other good paints we make use of, is high gloss paint. High gloss paint creates a shiny, smooth and durability finish. And it is perfect for kitchen painting with their reflective property, also ensures scenic wall and wood work

However, using high gloss paint requires a high level of proficiency so it won’t be advisable you do it yourself or hire a novice. Leave it for a professional in the height of SoFlo kitchen remodeling and cabinet installation.

We have a team of professionals that will guide you on the best color that will best fit your kitchen also meticulously apply the high-gloss paint. Coupled with our years of experience in kitchen renovation, house renovation, interior design, metal roofing, green housing, and general contracting you are assured to get a quality job. Hence, you don’t have to undergo stress or hire a novice for your kitchen painting, dial us at (954) 363-0484. We understand the value of the kitchen in your home!

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