4 Killer Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

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4 Killer Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

Home owners find the need to undertake remodeling projects in their homes every now and then. However, large scale remodeling projects like working on your kitchen may not be as fun and exciting as you may think. You need to think through the process carefully so as to give your kitchen a modern look.

The truth of the matter is that remodeling of the kitchen holds a very special place in the heart of most homeowners. You may want to give your kitchen a contemporary touch but you don’t know where to begin. This is a crucial space in the home and you should strive to give it the best design ever. Kitchen remodeling contractors are well placed to advice you depending on the size and nature of your room.

This article will give you four great insights on how you may wish to design this essential room in your home. Apart from giving the kitchen and attractive look, it should also be highly functional.

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Mining Traditional Cultural Influences

Currently, most of the widely used kitchen remodeling trends trace their origin from the old decoration ideas. Decorative French designs that are filled with grand stone arches, detailed facades, wide open windows, and floral patterned form some of the best kitchen remodeling ideas. The French ornate styling is being replaced by the traditional English manor for a stately appearance that incorporates bright open layouts, glazed cabinets, drooping chandeliers, and high ceilings among other decorative elements.

Practically speaking, the farmhouse style kitchen could be the most commonly visible traditionally influenced design scheme over the last decade. These kitchen designs heavily rely on using stone, metal, and wood. In most cases, they feature combining heavy stones like granite and wooden countertops, sparkly metallic accents, and other appliances like refrigerators that most kitchen remodeling contractors prefer to hide behind the antique wooden paneling. Unlike the English and French influences, the traditional Farmhouse kitchen style displays a high sense of warmth.


The Use of Colors

Most kitchen designs do work with a very restrictive pallet. However, as you develop your kitchen remodeling ideas, you have to remember that no one will force you to stick to whites, blacks, browns, and even beiges. Try to be as creative as you can but don’t go to the extremes.

The incorporation of slightly off-neutral colors like burnt reds that look like brown and ultra-dark blues that can also be black could be an excellent beginning point. However, nothing will stop you from going beyond this. Light greens and blues, bright oranges and reds, yellow, and purple accents on the trim can all find their place in a kitchen remodeling project that is well thought out. The most important thing is to seek a lot of guidance from kitchen remodeling contractors. Don’t make the kitchen to appear as if it is a playground for your kids. You don’t also have to be puritan with your kitchen design.

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Open Up the Kitchen Plan

If you have enough space and you are in a position to create more, consider working with a kitchen design that is open. Most of the open kitchen designs bleed into the dining room or living room directly and this turns the art of cooking into a social experience. In most cases, kitchens that have an open design feature an island or counter that help in providing a small separation between these two adjoining rooms. It also creates room for other homeowners to have a sit and socialize with the person who is cooking. Even though most chefs enjoy the breathing room that comes with the open remodeling kitchen ideas, they are ideal for home parties and entertainment.


Think About Sustainable Kitchen Ideas

You can use the kitchen remodeling ideas to minimize the environmental impact in several ways. Starters can use sustainably harvested woods for the floors, counters, and kitchen cabinets. One of the earth friendly alternative for the old growth wood that most traditional designs use and is becoming increasingly popular is the bamboo.


Kitchen remodeling contractors will always advice you to incorporate energy efficient appliances in the kitchen design. Apart from helping the environment, an energy efficient refrigerator will also reduce your energy bills by a significant fraction. The truth of the matter is that a well thought out kitchen remodeling project can help you save a lot of money on the long run.

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