Green Eco-Friendly Remodeling

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Green Eco-Friendly Remodeling

Are you ready to go green in your kitchen remodeling? This article will give you insights on how to create and eco-friendly, energy efficient, and healthy kitchen that you have been dreaming. Green eco-friendly remodeling entails making choices depending on your budget and lifestyle. However, these decisions are not very easy to make.

For instance, a certain green product may use less energy and outlast but be more expensive than another similar product that offers the same level of service. The fortunate thing is that the expanding market for stylish and smart green products is assisting in lowering costs. Therefore, it has become very easy to have a green kitchen that you will also love. Here are some tips, ideas and key products that support green eco-friendly remodeling projects.

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Green Eco-Friendly Kitchen Cabinets

Sustainable kitchen cabinets are manufactured from wood products that have certification from the Forest Stewardship Council. These woods are processed using forest management practices that are sustainable. These products feature formaldehyde-free finishes and glues that have low components of organic compounds that remit no to very little toxic fumes. Check the literature of the product keenly so as to choose the ones that meet these criteria. Be careful to buy cabinets that are manufactured from wheat straw board or wheat board.


Green Countertops

Some of the characteristics of the countertops include an eco-friendly manufacturing process, low-toxicity binders, and sustainable or recycled content. These products are also highly durable. For instance, the Squak Mountain Stone is manufactured from cement, reclaimed fly ash, recycled glass, and recycled paper. The complete countertop slab resembles soapstone or limestone.

Eco countertops comprise of water-based resin glue, post-consumer recycled paper, and renewable bamboo fiber. Some countertops are manufactured from 85 percent recycled glass which comes from curbside recycling programs. The line of wood countertops comes from commercial buildings, warehouses, and barns.

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Eco-Friendly Flooring

Eco-friendly flooring basically comprises of cork and linoleum. Both of them are manufactured from renewable resources that make them highly sustainable. These materials are durable and good-looking even though they call for periodic maintenance. Linoleum is manufactured from   biodegradable and renewable materials such as cork and linseed oil. It does not emit any harmful vapors and comes in a broad range of colors and patterns.  The linoleum products stand out well to traffic and offers underfoot cushioning. It is susceptible to staining and resistant to moisture. We have manufacturers who add a coating to it so as to offer protection against scratches and spills. Any linoleum that does not have this coating has to be polished and cleaned every two weeks.

Cork eco-friendly flooring is manufactured from tree barks. These barks grow back and you can reharvested them repeatedly. The re-harvesting practice is regulated carefully to guarantee future supplies and hence minimizing impact on the environment. Cork is slightly soft underfoot and waterproof making it comfortable and moisture resistant.

Finally, you need to be extremely careful as you buy your kitchen appliances if you want to go green. Choose energy star accessories that will save your utility costs by reducing energy consumption. You can also go for green dishwashers that have a quick wash or energy-saving cycle. Buying a new refrigerator that has improved technology will also help you save on energy costs. Be keen with the models you choose so that they can meet the green energy requirements. The other green products you can install in your kitchen include an active recycler, energy efficient lighting systems, and under counter water purifier. Evaluate how each of these products complies with green and eco-friendly remodeling requirements before making the purchase.

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