Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing

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Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing

Have you been looking for some ideas on how to make your kitchen cabinet refinishing? This article will give you some suggestions about the finishes that will make your kitchen more beautiful and functional. Remember the kitchen is one of the most important rooms in your house. You spend a lot of time together with your family in this cooking area. In fact, some people will tell you that the kitchen is the soul of any home. Therefore, this place should be easy to work from and have an excellent appearance. The most important thing is to give your kitchen the look that you have been longing for. Here are some tips in how you can get your dream kitchen through appropriate kitchen cabinet refinishing.

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  • Paint Finishes

One advantage that paint kitchen cabinet finishing has over the other options like stains is the unlimited color choice. This brings an element of versatility in play because you can choose that perfect hue to finish the interior design coloring scheme that blends so well with the rest of the home decoration.

Painting puts forward an impression of uniformity by allowing homeowners to bring an interesting character to the kitchen. The color that you choose for your kitchen cabinets will depict your stylish preferences. This could be a daring, bold, subdued, sunny or something that is in between.

You can either use a beautiful combination of several hues or one single color to paint your cabinets. The coloring can depict a neutral theme such as festive or organic. You can always get an ideal cabinet painting option whether you are dealing with an eclectic, contemporary, or even traditional kitchen design. Unlike semi-permanent stains, painted kitchen cabinets have an exemplary look and won’t show any discoloration on the wood.


  • Stain Finishes

Kitchen cabinets that are luxuriously stained has been an important attribute of high-end cooking areas since olden days. You can use wooden stains to attain a more lavish look for your kitchen. This is an ideal option for anyone who wants to highlight the rich, exquisite grains that are in the hardwood species.

Stain kitchen cabinet refinishing comes in several options. However, you will end up with kitchen cabinets that are extremely captivating from light honey touch to the intimate feeling of espresso or rich chocolate irrespective of the finish and glaze that you choose. You can easily change the appearance of your stained cabinetry by painting the surface with a lot of ease. This high level of flexibility is what makes stain cabinet finishes to stand out in the market.

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  • Glaze Finishes

Some people fear remodeling their kitchen because they believe that it entails replacing all the kitchen cabinets. You can give your kitchen cabinets a new appeal and dimensions by just glazing them. This is an easy and inexpensive process. In fact, some people just need a few instructions and they will undertake this project on their own. The cabinet glazing process can accommodate a broad range of shades, motifs, and finishes giving your kitchen a total makeover.

You need to constantly update old cabinets with a new glaze by first choosing the right paint and stain. There is a long list of acrylic-based products on the market that can do this job quite well. However, oil-based paints and stains last longer and produce a much deeper luster glaze. The glaze basically comprises of paint that is mixed with a high solvent degree to produce a tinted and transparent finish. However, you need to be keen with the ratios if you will be mixing the glaze by yourself. Pinstripe glaze entails the wiping away of more glaze from some areas of your kitchen cabinet than the others. The technique allows you to highlight the beautiful aspects of your grain wood. The pinstripe glaze will accent places where the lovely patterns of the wood have become dull and thus giving your wood a new sense of vibrancy.

Fully -wiped glazes do very little when it comes to highlighting particular elements of wood but instead accent the kitchen cabinets themselves. The fully-wiped glaze layer will tend to create a more uniform look of shades and tints and you can also achieve this through the pinstripe method. 

Therefore, glazing kitchen cabinet refinishing has unlimited potential when you think about adding character and beauty to your cabinet. Applying oak and deep cherry glaze uniformly will add a touch of sophistication and pinstripe glaze and lighter tints makes the room appear to breathe with a lot of ease. Therefore, the amount of change that the glaze brings to the kitchen is completely in your hands.


  • Custom finishes

Custom finishes are critical especially when dealing with custom kitchen cabinets. The beauty of it is that you will be able to customize the project to meet your personal tastes and preferences. Who said that you have to stick to the patterns that are in the market. Manufactures supply enough materials in the market that you can use to make custom kitchen cabinet refinishing. All you need to do is think about a unique design that make your kitchen cabinet stand out from the rest.

With all these tips, you now have all it takes to come up with an astonishing kitchen cabinet refinishing for your space. The most important thing is to bring the elements of functionality and beauty together without exceeding your budget limits. Don’t forget to match your kitchen cabinet finishes with that of the whole kitchen and the overall look of the house.

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