Kitchen Lighting Advice and Tips

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Kitchen Lighting Advice and Tips

The kitchen is among the most travelled rooms in any home and hence it requires good lighting. Most homeowners agree to the fact that the art of installing a good lighting design in the kitchen is not a very expensive undertaking. However, there are some spaces that you can forget to supply with enough light. Remember the kitchens hosts some sharp equipment and you need additional lighting in some places to avoid accidents.

There are several kitchen lighting ideas that can assist you to create a positive ambiance for your guest and homeowners. Therefore, it’s important to learn some of the lighting designs that you can implement in your modern kitchen. This article will give you some ideas that will help you to enhance the look of your kitchen through an appropriate lighting system.

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  • Recessed

You need the lighting system in your kitchen to accomplish particular tasks like cooking and preparing food. The ambient lighting should also illuminate the entire kitchen space and make it more inviting and appealing. You also need to install mood lighting that will highlight your special collections, kitchen cabinets, architectural details and counter spaces.

Recessed lighting has a minimalist and sleek appearance that will assist you to accomplish all these tasks. The recessed lighting has a clean look that is applicable throughout your space. The lighting is ideal for island bars and countertops. You can use it for general planning on your open floor plan areas. It can also highlight stove tops, counter areas and other details that require some visual interest. You can either use recessed lighting with or without the flush Mont ceiling lights.


  • Pendant

Pendant kitchen lighting is a very stylish kind of lighting. It entails hanging lighting fixtures above your kitchen island. You attach this lighting system from the ceiling board in order to deliver ambient and helpful light to your space. Hanging fixtures are not only functional but also decorative to your space.  You can choose the pedants by style, type and color or material. The cost will always depend on the type of lighting material that you are installing in your kitchen.


  • Under Cabinet

There are several designs you can choose for your undercabinet kitchen lighting depending on the layout of your room and the specific needs of your cabinet. The good thing is that you can install some of these undercabinet lights on your own. Most of this lighting system is of low voltage. The various types of this product that you can find in the market include LED undercabinet lights, Xenon Bulbs, fluorescent and CFL, and dimmers just to name a few. You can learn more about each of these systems before you make an informed decision about the best type to install in your home.


  • Task lights

Task lighting entails increasing illumination in a place with the aim of accomplishing a particular activity. One thing you will agree is that the kitchen is a bee hive of activities. You may need more lighting in the place of preparing the ingredients on in the actual cooking pot from time to time. Task kitchen lighting will put all this control in your hands. You can install various task lights in your kitchen so as to enhance the efficiency of this space. Apart from illumination, you also have to think about the element of contrast. There are three main approaches to task lighting which include asymmetric, free adjustable and localized average. You can always choose a system that is most ideal for your kitchen. Task lighting will help you to see whatever you are doing with a lot of clarity.


  • General

General kitchen lighting brings together all the types of lighting systems in your kitchen. The main ones include recessed lights, surface lights and pendant lights. A proper combination of general lighting and task lighting is what will give your kitchen the right definition. Surface lights can comprise of small mushroom fixtures that hold a single bulb or fluorescent fixtures that hold several tubes. Make sure the general lighting of your kitchen enhances its overall functionality and beauty.


  • Accent

Like task lighting, accent lights focus the illumination is a particular area or object. Its appealing to have different lighting systems for various places in your kitchen. The amount of illumination required for the guest area may not be similar to the ingredients preparation section. The common types of accents include track lighting, torchere lamps, recessed lights, flood lights, and sconces but not all of them are ideal for your kitchen space. Get some professional advice when choosing the ones that will add the desired touch to your kitchen. 

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