How to Choose the Right Kitchen Stone & Tile for Your Kitchen

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How to Choose the Right Kitchen Stone & Tile for Your Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most important areas of any home. The kitchen tile and stone that you choose will determine its atmosphere and overall look. Apart from making the kitchen more functional, the design and colors of your tiles add to the decoration of the home. No wonder most homeowners take some reasonable time in decorating their kitchen. Remember this area serves as a soul to the whole home. Family members spend a lot of time here cooking and eating, catching up with the lives of each other and get better together as one family.

The first thing you will notice as you enter in any kitchen is the floor. Its equally impressive to give your tiles an elegant look and bring that warm brightness that will give your room a particular feel. You can use tiles in various sections in your kitchen including the countertop, floors, and walls. One important thing to note while shopping for kitchen tiles is that you should get the ones that are resistant to both water and weight. Don’t choose a porous or non-laminated wooded as they stain with a lot of ease. Here are the different types of kitchen tiles that you can select from.

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Ceramic Tiles

There is no way you will go wrong with ceramic tiles. These tiles are not only functional but also beautiful to look at and this is why most kitchen remodeling contractors recommend them. Ceramic tiles are heat resistant, durable, and come in a broad range of designs and colors that will suit the needs of every homeowner. These tiles have a great look on your kitchen walls, countertops, and floors.


Porcelain Tiles

Most homeowners love the porcelain varieties because they have a more natural look and have a similar texture and appearance with stone tiles. Porcelain tiles that have a homogenous structure don’t scratch or chip and are highly resistant wo weight. This means that they are very appropriate in any modern kitchen. Just get the one that will match with the overall ambiance of your home and you will be good to go.


Glass Tiles

Glass tiles tend to be sophisticated and classy. Apart from boasting of a high level of strength, glass tiles are heat resistant, durable, and neither stains nor scratches. Glass tiles are excellent in making kitchen walls as well as excellent backsplash ideas. However, you need to employ the services of a glass professional if you want to get the best of this product.

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Stone Tiles

Stone tiles are well known for giving your kitchen a luxurious finish. You can find these stones in both cheap and expensive varieties. The stale tiles are normally the cheapest model while the marble or granite make up the list of expensive stones. The expensive ones tend to be more durable and beautiful than the inexpensive ones. You can always choose one depending on your preferences and budget constraint.


Viny Tiles

Viny tiles are the easiest to install and they are also inexpensive. These tiles will always give your kitchen walls a great look even though they call for careful maintenance as they scratch with a lot of ease. 


Backsplash Tiles

You can use this as the center of your kitchen. Choose from the various colors the ones that match your floor tiles and countertops. You will get backsplash tiles in metal, ceramic, natural stone, and glass. You can also embed a wallpaper on your backsplash to give it a finishing touch. There are various patterns and colors to select from but you must remember that wall papers have a high tendency of peeling during humid conditions. The other unique approaches of decorating your kitchen space is using magnetic whiteboards or mirror tiles. These are very ideal for writing and sticking your recipe notes. You can also maintain these boards with a lot of ease.

There is a direct correlation between the quality of kitchen tile sand stone you buy and the cost. Cheap tiles are more prone to damage and breakages. Invest in high-end tiles that are durable and stylish if you have the financial strength. The most important thing is to buy kitchen tiles that will suit your lifestyle.

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