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The heart and the family’s soul are in the kitchen. It is by far the most important space in the house. Its central mission is to provide that feeling of warmth in your family and guests. It is where you cook, eat, gather and plan your day.

Take a look at your current kitchen. Is it working well for you and your family? Is it untidy? cluttered? dysfunctional? It’s important that your kitchen shows your personality, tastes, and needs, a space that echoes with your very being.

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Services We Provide?

At SoFlo Kitchen Remodeling & Custom Cabinets, we can turn the heart of your home into a very aesthetically pleasing lively space. You can have glorious kitchen Marble countertops and wider counter space!

All of us have our own dream kitchen. This is where we cook and eat. It’s safe to say we spend so much time on the kitchen that making it beautiful should be our top priority.

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Why You Should Hire Us?

So what and who do you need? There’s no need to think hard. We have it all for you! Marble countertops here we come! At SoFlo Kitchen Remodeling & Custom Cabinets,  you can trust us to develop a plan, including work and payment schedules. We help you take a closer look at the details that will impact your overall cost. In remodeling, we take your budget seriously.

There’s so much information and ideas you can get online for remodeling your kitchen. If you don’t know what you want yet, it’s totally okay, we have a 3 step process to make your dreams a reality: CONSULTATION, PREPARATION and INSTALLATION.

Our consultation process will help your ideas turn into life seamlessly. We can help you from planning to report to collecting the materials. Now the kitchen of your dreams is at your fingertips. We can help you with:

  • Setting goals
  • Remodeling ideas
  • Identify family and entertaining essentials
  • Budget setting
  • Identify what you can splurge on


Our preparation and installation process takes you farther because we help you conceptualize the blueprint to make sure that every detail is just the way you dreamed it would be.

We can help you with:

  • Installing custom cabinets
  • Building a kitchen island
  • Installing high-end kitchen appliances
  • Adding recessed lighting and rewiring as necessary
  • Replacing your floor
  • Replacing your countertops with high-quality materials (stone, wood, metal)


We understand that planning may seem overwhelming. There are so many unknowns. But with SoFlo Kitchen Remodeling & Custom Cabinets, we will light the way for you.

We can give you ideas for your new:

  • Kitchen flooring
  • Kitchen cabinets
  • Kitchen countertops
  • Kitchen appliances

We all know that kitchen is the one of the most important parts of the home. You get to sit and eat with your family and cook with your family. If you want to make it look beautiful again then you need to hire professionals. This is where we come in. Let us help you to make your kitchen beautiful again. If you need anything from the areas listed above let us know. We would love to make your kitchen look alive and beautiful again.

Remodeling a kitchen can seem like a Herculean task and it can take months to complete and the budgeting can seem a very daunting task. Not knowing where to start can become very stressful. At SoFlo Kitchen Remodeling & Custom Cabinets, we guarantee you a service like no other. We will be with you every step of the way, holding your hand until completion. Call us at (954) 363-0484 or visit our website at for more information on the services we offer.

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