Cabinet Refacing

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Are you looking to give your kitchen a new look and don’t know where to start? Let’s start with the cabinets. A majority of the time when people enter the kitchen, these are the components that make your kitchen stand out. Making sure that they look stylish, modern, and well taken care of is a sure way to make your home appealing.

At SoFlo kitchen remodeling, we take care of all your kitchen needs including cabinet refacing. We work closely with our clients to get a feel of what they expect from the refacing then our team works on it for two to three days to deliver quality work. We will give your kitchen that boost it needs to set it apart from the rest. We basically remove the doors and replace them with newer ones after cover the other exposed parts of the cabinet with wood veneer. We are very meticulous in our work to ensure clients are fully satisfied with our work.

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Process of Refacing

This short procedure involves taking parts of your cabinets and repainting them and taking others out so as to replace them.

  • Our team starts on the cabinet doors by removing and replacing them with new ones.
  • The front and visible part of the drawers is removed and replaced while the rest of the components remain intact. This is done with great care to guarantee that the new parts are seamless with the other parts of the draws.
  • From there, wood veneer is used on the front portions of the cabinets and the sides are either veneered or laminated. We are very keen on detail and ensure that the color matches in perfect harmony.
  • We take new hinges and add them but if the old ones fit with the new doors and are in great conditions, we use them.
  • Lastly, handles are put in place and the job is completed successfully.


Wood Veneer

Considering the price of hardwood and the amount required to make kitchen cabinets, replacing them entirely would be extremely expensive especially for a person working on a budget. Wood veneer is ultimately the best solution to refacing your cabinets to make it new again.

From a single inch of hardwood, one can get over fifty pieces of wood veneer. By placing these slices on top of cabinet drawers to act as a new coating, we are basically giving them a face lift. The technique has been used for hundreds of years and some of the benefits include;

  • Provides the beauty of wood without much cost. When wood is used, it is always appealing to the eye.
  • It can be manipulated to make multiple designs. It can also be painted to create uniformity and a timeless aura in the kitchen
  • It lasts longer than other materials which are not natural like laminates. Applying wood veneer makes a material less likely to be damaged thus lasts longer.
  • It can be recycled easily into particle board
  • Being a natural product, wood veneer is non-toxic

With proper installation, wood veneers can last for many years. At SoFlo  kitchen remodeling, we guarantee nothing but perfection when it comes to ensuring your kitchen has that new and fresh look.

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Benefits of Refacing:

New look: your cabinets get to look new without really replacing them. This makes the kitchen look much more appealing and inviting.

Prevents waste: disposing off good cabinets is not a wise choice as they most likely end up in dumped somewhere leading to increase of hazardous materials. If the cabinets are not old or rugged, refacing is the best option.

Very economical: kitchen cabinet refacing usually cost half or less the cost of replacing them. Saving this money enables you to invest it somewhere else of remodel another part of the house.

No complications: a simple kitchen refacing will usually take a maximum of two days to complete. This is a simple procedure by which you won’t have to change your schedule. This is as opposed to replacing cabinets which takes days to complete.

You get a chance to upgrade: refacing presents an excellent opportunity to replace the old cabinet doors and knobs with newer and better ones. This way, your kitchen looks classier than it was previously.

Keep the layout of your kitchen: refacing cabinets does not involve the whole kitchen and like that, you get to enjoy the comfort you get from your kitchen while still taking care of its appearance and performance.

A variety of options to choose from: at SoFlo kitchen remodeling, we offer you many options to pick on how best you want your refacing done. If we are to take out the door and knobs or if you want the doors and draws intact, we can have a new veneer applied to them and replace the knobs. Whichever way, your cabinet ends up looking fresh and new.


What other changes can we do during refacing?

  • Adding extra cabinets
  • Increasing the height of the cabinets
  • Creating more storage space in your kitchen if you are in need.

SoFlo kitchen remodeling is the solution to all your kitchen issues. We are solely here to make sure you don’t have to worry anything. If you are working on a low budget and you are in dire need of upgrading your kitchen, we do cabinet refacing at affordable prices. We want to make sure your kitchen is somewhere where you can be proud of and feel comfortable.

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