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A house becomes a home only with a perfect kitchen. Having a perfect kitchen is a dream that all women in a house needs. We at SoFlo Kitchen Remodeling can make the kitchen the way you want it.

Renovating a kitchen can be a very cumbersome and gigantic task. The renovation includes a lot of planning and cost issues. We at SoFlo make every planning of yours much easier and affordable.

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Renovating anything is a big task, be it your living room, bathroom or your kitchen. It involves a lot of planning, budget making, styles and themes to decide, deciding countertops, slabs, the tiles you need, flooring options and a lot more.

The other thing that concerns anyone while renovating your kitchen is whether the elements you are choosing is of the right quality, durability and whether your kitchen would get that wow factor. We at SoFlo make sure that you get that wow factor to your kitchen.

The renovation includes lots of things that everyone should be aware of:


Area and Space:

While renovating any kitchen the major factor that comes is how large the area is? How should the layout be like? Deciding a good layout according to space and area is really important. A well-planned layout gives a better as well as more spacious look to your kitchen. With our team of designers we promise to provide a better layout and more space oriented kitchen.



Cabinets should be well arranged and one should not forget to look at the quality as well as durability of the cabinets. If one is short of budget to replace the entire cabinets, you can also paint it making it look all the way new. When one is spending so much for renovation, the elements to be used should be of excellent quality, spending money on cheap elements of low quality is foolishness. It is wise to spend a little more but on good quality. We provide different lines of cabinetry:  Medallion, Kith, and Design Craft, one can choose whichever depending on their budgets.

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Renovating the kitchen countertops is one of the things which should be considered with great seriousness. A modern and new countertop can actually give the entire kitchen of yours a better outlook. The options for countertop can be very versatile but one should keep in mind that they are easily manageable and easily cleaned, leaving no chances of stains, odor and grout.



Budget is the major factor that comes to our mind while thinking of renovating our kitchen. The budget can be a real deal to make while planning a renovation. One needs to be very sure about the changes, styles quality, and affordability of all the elements. Although one should never compromise on the quality and durability while making the choices! The kitchen can look a less stylish but the elements should be of the best quality so that you can get the most of your investment. In order to make your budget a little low one should never compromise on bad quality.


Your dream kitchen

With SoFlo professional designers we can guide you through a range of affordable and budget-friendly options. With the team of professionals, we make sure to make your kitchen look, posh, stylish, traditional, modern, and royal or anything that you desire. The only thing you need to do is tell your plan and budget and we are ready to go.

Everyone wants to make their kitchen look more spacious, stylish, and easy to work. That’s why at SoFlo we make sure that you get what you want. SoFlo provides everything that will make your kitchen look ultra-stylish as well as affordable. We provide range of colors, styles options, themes, layout, countertops, flooring options.

Renovating your kitchen will never be a difficult task with SoFlo. Welcome to the world of your dreams, turning your desires into reality helping you to achieve the kitchen your desire. For any queries contact us and one can always visit our website.

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