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SoFo contemporary kitchen designs and kitchen islands ideas; a must-have. A contemporary is sleeker, clean and minimal is demand while keeping style and practicality in every idea they come along with. We SoFlo Kitchen Care, we vest our interest in adding luxury by consolidating the modern technology and the past traditional property so as to bring about contrast. We know the value of Kitchen Island which come with defined cooking and living areas while accommodating food prep, dishwashing technology, meal servicing and offer some room for special entertainment lube.

With over 20 years of closely working on remodeling abandoned kitchens to assume a modern classy view, SoFlo Kitchen Care experts have in cooperated countertops with different table styles. By this, we have various styles to fit seats to give a broad view of food prep process without causing much traffic on chef’s way. In conjunction to the modern technology, the island is versioned in a manner that we minimize clutter state and consider the space of your kitchen, size of occupants and therefore introduce the space saving features. Hence, we flourish with the following ideas to give a stunning look to your kitchen:

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Demarcation by cabinets

Our professionalism ensure a streamlined look and therefore we design surfaces to give a continuous view of flush doors which end up virtually disappearing into the wall but maximizing the storage space. Our experts know when to bring a sprawling and mimicking wall designs that add a touch of warmth and interest. To ensure all this works in favor of your design, we chose for you cabinets with square corners, kitchen appliances with angular shaped edges. Our shelves designs remain to be open extending immediately under upper cabinets.


Choice of stainless appliances

We deliver beyond your expectation but within the periphery of your budget. Variety of materials from our long term suppliers match the standards of bold but cool color palette blended with shimmery glass tile walls, frosted glass cabinets and even the doors and shelves.

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Modern warm colors

We don’t rush to paint color clash your kitchen, we vanish it with feeling of pride, ownership something which makes us go viral in kitchen matters. A high end cabinet and a stainless steel appliance cannot leave that richness touch to your kitchen more than what modern chocolate wood vanish would do. Pale yellow walls fused with golden suede barstools will give your kitchen a sophisticated sunshine look if a dark background or a granite, marble tiles is in the background.

While dark and white being the dominant colors in the modern kitchens, we may not chose for you that ‘outdated version’ but instead we will give you a bright orange which makes your food palace more sociable.


Monochrome islands with an earthly feel

Apart from material designing, we find it worth for all of our customers to give them an earthly inspired elements. Such feelings are provoked by organic influential ornaments which soften the so rigid kitchen structures.  With such ornaments, be assured of live experience in the kitchen; the prep process can never be boring. We curve the breakfast bars more outwardly rather than having them straight to create more space. If this is not your preference, we may give you a convertible double-ended island to look like a stadium.

For instance, we may design the outer island to handle food prep process while the other make the bigger part for entertainment. Finally, the choice for seats in your kitchen islands belongs to our experts depending on the occupants/household members, for example barstools, counter stools or low stools for your young kids. We don’t just choose seats, we chose to satisfy your elbow and knees while considering to minimize backbone strain in our modern Kitchen island ideas.

Take pride with your SoFlo Kitchen modelers who often deliver their promise and long term earned expertise.

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