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At SoFlo Kitchen Remodeling we pride ourselves in providing only the highest quality kitchen remodels. As contractors, we work closely with showrooms in the area and are a preferred contractor for Home Depot.

Our service guarantees that we will update your outdated kitchen with the most modernized designs, and we only use the high quality materials. Our specialists are able to redesign your kitchen, to offer a more usable and ergonomic workspace, with easy to clean countertops, energy efficient appliances, and innovative cabinet design, to ease everyday use such as cooking, and cleaning. We are also able to offer you more storage space by making the most out of your kitchen and designing intelligent storage spaces for kitchen corners and hard to reach areas.

Our contractors can cater for all kitchen types and sizes. From small to large center console kitchens, all the way through to commercial kitchens, we can offer a suitable well-balanced design for you. Our designers are able to work with you to design bespoke, off-plan kitchens or fit readily designed plans if you prefer. Although we welcome fresh and unique designs, our specialists are happy to work with you to design your new kitchen from the ground up. We realize that designing and installing a new kitchen can be very stressful, so our staff are happy to take you through the design of your kitchen step-by-step. Our specialist design software can help you remodel all aspects of your new kitchen such as new countertops, innovative sink designs, kitchen flooring, cabinet color and design, and we can even help you choose the best appliances to fit your needs.

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Why should you remodel your kitchen?

We all know that remodeling and fitting a new kitchen can be an expensive task, so we often avoid spending this money until our kitchen is way overdue an update. At SoFlo Kitchen Remodeling we endeavor to always pass saving on to the customer without skimping on quality. That’s why we offer a free consultation service, where our specialists will sit with you and design a new kitchen for you, and through every step of the process inform you exactly how much each section costs. At the end of our consultation, you will have the exact price of your new kitchen and there will be no hidden costs to worry about later down the line.

It is important to know that the kitchen is one of the most important rooms in your house. Realtor’s tell us the kitchen is the number one room to add value to your home (or the number one to lose you value). So if your kitchen is old, or outdated it may be undervaluing your house. With this in mind, we guarantee our remodeling services will add value to your property for the future, and could even help you sell your home if you looking to move.

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What do we offer that other Kitchen Remodeling companies do not?

Well, at SoFlo Kitchen Remodeling we offered all types of designs suited to every customer’s requirements. We can fit a traditional type kitchen, which offers excellent functionality and ease of cleaning. With a traditional kitchen, you’ll also have the highest quality materials, such as stone or wood countertops, hardwood cabinets, and a simple easy to navigate layout. With a traditional kitchen, we can offer you simplicity and a functionality that will have your guests in awe of your beautiful, usable kitchen.

For those customers who require something more, something extravagant, our specialists can work with you to create your dream kitchen. This means we can help you design custom, bespoke flooring, kitchen islands and consoles, or a one-of-a-kind specialist pizza or baking oven. In addition to this, we can work with you to design innovative cabinets with soft closing or automated closing mechanisms, or with smart space saving technology. Finally, we can work with you to create a highly functional kitchen design. For those of us who spend a lot of time cooking, we need a smart, functional kitchen that allows us to prepare and cook meals effortlessly. With this in mind, SoFlo Kitchen Remodeling can offer innovative design using engineered stone countertops, smart faucet and sink design, in-built refrigerators, and smart touch induction cooktops. Our specialists will then work with you to create a functional, well placed design to enable you to move from prep to cook seamlessly.

Choose SoFlo Kitchen Remodeling today, to ensure your next kitchen is only the highest quality on the market. Please contact us on (954) 363-0484 or visit our website at


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