Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing

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SoFlo kitchen remodeling is a kitchen remodeling service provider for years. Our services include interior designing, metal roofing, consulting of kitchen installations, laminate flooring, and renovation of an entire home. SoFlo deals with the solutions such as an installation of kitchen cabinets, luxury countertops for kitchen, outdoor kitchen, kitchen tiles and stone solutions, kitchen sinks and faucets, design and lighting of the kitchen. SoFlo also involved in trading of kitchen appliances

The portfolio of services of SoFlo varies which gives traditional to contemporary look to your kitchen. SoFlo believes practicing in green practices and thereby lead to sustainable development.

Further, SoFlo is the best in refinishing your kitchen. If you are looking for kitchen cabinet refinishing through paint, stain, glaze, or any other customized finishes, SoFlo is the right choice.

Does your kitchen cabinets are faded or worn? We help to get back them in its original beauty. Refinishing enhances the beauty of your kitchen and increases the overall value of the house. SoFlo offers kitchen cabinet refinishing in the following categories:

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We at SoFlo understand that replacing your kitchen cabinets is too expensive and time-consuming. How about painting? Our dedicated team of painters helps in enhancing the kitchen look in a significant way.

Over time, kitchen cabinets get dirty because of grease, oil, and waxes. It keeps away the painting from sticking. At first, SoFlo uses a special cleaner which removes the contaminants which cause the paints to peel.

SoFlo has a wide variety of choices of colors. The choices of colors are up to you though we suggest which combination of color sits best. Further, it is also important that what to paint and what not to paint is also an important aspect of kitchen cabinet refinishing. SoFlo uses an acrylic blend which resists peeling.



Are you fed up with the stained cabinets? Do you want to see your kitchen cabinets new without making any replacement of the cabinet? SoFlo kitchen remodeling helps in to achieve that.

SoFlo helps in choosing the color that matches with the existing kitchen décor and other home designs. We apply brush on the stain evenly and smoothly throughout the cabinets. In addition, we apply a second color coat in order to have a more intense color.

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Paint and glaze are applied simultaneously. SoFlo kitchen remodeling offers a wide range of variety in colors. We offer premixed glazing products. For kitchen cabinets, SoFlo recommends glaze which has oil content. 

Our team uses a brush for initial glaze application on the kitchen cabinets. The process is then followed by wiping off and cleaning the glaze so that the cabinets are lightly tined.



Once the process of glazing is finished and the entire cabinet is covered with the glaze, the clean rag is used for smooth finishing of your kitchen cabinet. The clean rag is wiped gently on the outer layer of cabinets.

We use a brush to add a more antique glaze on the kitchen cabinets. Clean rag is used again to wipe off the excess portion of glaze which is accumulated on the outer layer of a kitchen cabinet.   

SoFlo gives the finishes to your kitchen cabinets which makes your kitchen absolutely new and beautiful. Further, it makes the kitchen cabinet more durable and it prevents from scratches.

The process of finishing of glazed cabinets is not required. However, it enhances the look of the entire kitchen. Whether your kitchen cabinet is very old or new, give it a creative look and design with the help of SoFlo kitchen remodeling. We believe in the applying the best product for the best customer experience. Choose us and get the quality of kitchen cabinets of your dream at an affordable price. Don’t settle for anything less.

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