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Is your kitchen poorly designed? Is it needs drastic improvement in design? SoFlo is the best customer-centric company which aims at giving the best kitchen remodeling and customization of cabinet services. Our portfolio includes the following broad category of services.

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SoFlo is providing outstanding interior designing solutions services in kitchen countertops. SoFlo helps in fabricating and installing the luxury countertops for your kitchen. SoFlo is promising to provide the best possible solutions with the latest design and innovations [bathroom remodeling south florida] which gives a unique feature to your kitchen. SoFlo strives for excellence. Our innovative team constantly works creatively to exceed the trends of the industry. Our luxury countertops are of following different types.

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The quartzite is a metamorphic rock which is made up of sandstone. Quartzite is a solid rock which is not soluble. The rock is much harder which is used in cutting the glass. Quartzite is a naturally beautiful rock. The rock is a durable and has uniform appearance.

The quartzite is available in different colors and patterns as below;

  • Sea Pearl
  • Crystal
  • Taj Mahal
  • White Macaubas
  • Quartz

Quartz is used to give a professional look to your kitchen. It is a mineral which is abundantly available in different forms. Quartz is available in different colors including a common white color. The quartz is very hard and is acid resistant. It is used widely and is very popular. The durability of quartz is very long and it usually lasts for the entire lifetime of the house. The quartz rock is available in endless colors and patterns.

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Limestone is calcium carbonate (CaCO3). Limestone has magnesium in some cases. The source of limestone quarries. The limestone creates unique and beautiful surfaces. The limestone is soft when comparing with the other stone.

The limestone is available in a variety of colors and variations. The different form of limestone includes oolitic limestone, dolomitic limestone, travertine, and porous calcitic rock. SoFlo offers limestone in following categories.

  • Shell Reef
  • Brown Fossil



Soapstone is formed from dolomite, chlorite, and magnesite. Soapstone is a dark-colored stone. Using soapstone is becoming popular because of its completely natural surface on the countertops. The other stone such as marble or granite does not have such benefits. Moreover, it is ideal for kitchen owner who is looking for traditional design. Soapstone makes the kitchen perfectly beautiful.



Marble is once again a form of limestone only. Marble creates a dazzling effect by reflection of the light on its surface. Marble offers classical look to the kitchen. The marble stone is stain resistant if it is maintained properly.

Marble is most popularly and widely used product. Further, it is available in a number of colors and patterns. Marble quality and colors differ based on the location from where the marble is extracted.

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Travertine is similar to the other natural stone like marble, onyx, slate. The difference is simply the formation of the stone and its outer appearance. Travertine stone has holes in the stone because of the evasion of carbon dioxide gas.

Travertine is easy to use and available mainly in white, red, brown, and silver. The popularity of this stone is because of its natural beauty. The stone is very easy to keep clean and it is environment-friendly.



Granite is a natural beauty because of which it is commonly used and very popular for the kitchens’ luxury countertops. The stone is stain resistant and highly durable. It is a hard stone which is resistant to scratches. 

The granite is available in a number of forms and categories as below;

  • Black
  • Alaska white
  • Azul Aran
  • Romano
  • Baltic brown



In recent years, Corian countertops became increasingly popular for the purpose of luxury countertops. The Corian is made up of alumina trihydrate and acrylic polymer. This is derived from bauxite ore.

Based on your requirement, our team of creative designers guides and suggests you for the perfect choice of countertops which best suits your kitchen. If you want to give an amazing and beautiful look to your kitchen SoFlo Kitchen Countertops and Surfaces is the perfect place. Years of experience has helped SoFlo in meeting and exceeding the expectation of the customers.

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