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Do you consider your kitchen as a hub of the rest of your home? Then you need to restore the functionality and the comfort through the right lighting. Of late, kitchen has become more than a preparatory centre and if you confine yourself to such a traditional perception, you are wrong. Inevitably, it can be a partying point with few friends and that’s how we think.

Therefore, at SoFlo Kitchens, we design your kitchen lighting with long term expertise to give you unlimited freedom to adjust light in a task and friendly manner even after food prep session. Our teams knows when to concentrate, scatter light for your kitchen. Our team lighting skills oscillate ditto to Accent, Ambient and Task lighting amongst other forms which leave your kitchen almost like food preparatory theater.

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Why You Should Hire Us?

With us, we determine when appropriate and where Accent lighting is needed. For instance, for indoor purposes, we may place a Chandelier lamp on the wall to illuminate a certain portrait on the wall or else place it on the table to concentrate much light for purpose of benefit of studying. In case the Chandeliers are too much luminous, then we may opt to give you floor bulbs which give you a romantic and versatile view since they come with vast types colours. We can attract more friends for you by the beauty within the up lighting style come along with the halo effect even before anyone invites guests for you. Dimmers are different version of our exquisite wizard skills in lights world where we dispose more of freedom to you to decide whether the light will fall from above or beneath. Lamps even though is an ancient form of lighting, we give it a fine touch such that it looks differently. Probably you may feel like illuminating every chamber of your cabinets or cupboards, lamps may deem ideal for you. Don’t struggle with the expensive accent styles which are not long lasting, look for the experts-SoFlo Kitchen Cares who know incandescent which may glow your house to look like statehouse.

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Why You Should Have Perfect Lighting in the Kitchen?

Task lighting is another area within our specialization where we first establish what your major activities in the kitchen are. Then, we install it considering that you need concentrated light for food preparation or rather for your kids who may decide to give you company while preparing snacks for them. Also, we opt to light your countertops as well as under cabinet d to since majority get scared to meet an awful insect which has established homeopathy. Such under cabinet lights may take strips, pucks or rather mini-tracks which will not burden you on electric bills due to their low voltage. Our team understands that concentrated light tend to bounce back when strikes a shiny surface and therefore we match that granite surfaces which absorb excess light. However, we don’t assume the fact majority house owners may be victim of aging and hence we coin the switch with amplifying knob to adjust light for the benefit of our customers.

Ambient light specialization is what our clients credit us for and always find coming to award us credit for. We chose the recessed cans for your kitchen lighting with a lot of expertise so as to give your entire palace uniformity a sense of worthiness. Friendly nature light cannot be realized without toe-kick lighting which is a new recipe of awesomeness which we will bring to your kitchen if you partner with SoFlo Kitchen Cares lighting team. Setting your moods starts from the kitchen which has met with lighting experts who know to deliver their best in pendant light which has advanced from the traditional state you might have grown in. Have you seen the crystal, glass and halogen pendant fitting which looks like a rose hanging in the ceiling? Crystal will amaze you the most if only it is installed by SoFlo Experts since they do it with passion. Do you want it dimmer or brighter? Then we know the kind of colour combination needed for your kitchen.

You don’t need to settle for lesser while the experts are within your reach. Reach out for SoFlo Kitchen experts.

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