Restaurant Kitchen Remodels & Renovations


We highly understand the importance of kitchen remodeling perhaps for space, or fixing the poor layout or inefficient lighting coupled with some other reasons. And most times hiring the perfect contractor that really understands what you are looking for is slightly stressful.

However, your search for the perfect contractor to handle your restaurant kitchen remodeling is over with SoFlo kitchen remodeling and custom cabinets. Coupled with our years of experience and our exceptional team of specialist, you can rest assured to have a well-befitting kitchen for your restaurant. Our team of specialists know exactly what is expected of them from the job requirement, just seeing the kitchen, they can visualize the equipping needed that will turn the kitchen into something entirely unique.

We partner with the best manufacturers such as Merillat Masterpiece, Tedd Wood, Marsh Furniture, Exotic Veneers for high quality is out top most priority, we as well adopt the best product such as  Solid wood construction, Dovetail to stainless steel drawer, soft-close features, stain, paint and high gloss finishes for kitchen remodeling.

As Kitchen renovation contractors we provide information on the necessary restaurant kitchen equipments that would work better and fit your restaurant. For instance a stainless steel drawer cabinet will best fit your restaurant kitchen because stainless steel drawer is suitable for storing heavy kitchen equipments; much more information such as this, you will get on a platter of gold.

We are unique in kitchen remodeling because of our visionary to know what best fit the kitchen you want to renovate also help you save cost yet ensure high quality-that is what we do!

We have in SoFlo kitchen remodeling and custom cabinets, project managers, designers, plumbers and electricians who are professional in what they do. What else does one need for a commercial kitchen remodeling than to hire a professional contractor in the calibre of SoFlo Kitchen remodeling and custom cabinets that can bring the imagination of a client into reality within budget and set time frame!

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Restaurant Kitchen Remodeling

Some restaurants do not consider Restaurant’s kitchen remodeling has germane perhaps because customers don’t have any business in the kitchen.

However, restaurants that desire to take their kitchen to a new millennium know the importance of remodeling their restaurant’s kitchen. To update or have the essential characteristics that define a good commercial kitchen, consequently, enhance the flow of work. If your restaurant lack or needs an update of these features, contacts us right away!

It is worthy of note that remodeling kitchen for home use is different from commercial kitchen, aesthetics is necessary for remodeling kitchen for home use, while, improving the beauty of a commercial kitchen may not be the primary concern for remodeling a restaurant kitchen, but, space, inadequate lightening are among the features why restaurant kitchen remodeling is important.


Enough Space: A commercial kitchen is quite different from a kitchen designed for home use.

A commercial kitchen in the style of a restaurant’s kitchen will require enough space to accommodate people and kitchen equipment. So it is highly essential that your restaurant kitchen has enough space to accommodate employees to eradicate any hassle common with overcrowding.

When constructing a kitchen for restaurant or remodeling a restaurant kitchen we provide enough space for workers, also consider the possibility of expansion in the workforce.


Compliance with health and safety standards: A commercial kitchen must meet health and safety standards for the safety of their workers as well as customers. An old kitchen will certainly need a remodel to cater for the safety of employees and customers.

Moreover health and safety standards changes with time, so constant restaurant kitchen is essential to accommodate the changes. So contact us to renovate your restaurant kitchen in compliance with local codes as well as when there is a compromise with the safety of your employees.

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Adequate lightening: We adopt modern efficient lightening appliances that are cost effective, we as well as adopt green building innovative in transforming your commercial kitchen for we are also into green construction, which is an eco-friendly construction.

Clients find this construction amazing, and we would adopt it coupled with efficient energy appliances to remodel your kitchen. And it is noteworthy that using effective and efficient energy appliances encourages clients to patronize your business.


Ingenious and enterprising kitchen finish: Your kitchen deserves quality and resourceful finish that can serve at least two purposes, consequently, save money and space. The manufacturers will partner with provides quality and resourceful cabinetry and countertops. The manufacturers include:


Merillat masterpiece: They provide attractive and operational cabinet storage in different colors to meet customer’s need.


Tedd wood: Tedd wood adds complexity to their products with their hand-applied stains.


Marsh Furniture: Marsh furniture specializes in making attractive long lasting hand crafted cabinetry.


Exotic veneers: Exotic veneers are specialists in providing natural wood veneers in different color and styles.


Maintenance: Easy maintenance of restaurant kitchen improves productivity, because, employees we have the time to focus more on how to improve the business. So we build or remodel kitchen restaurants in a way it would be easy to maintain, thus, enhance productivity.


A SoFlo kitchen remodeling and custom cabinet is your perfect choice contractor for your restaurant kitchen remodeling. We are the leading contractor for kitchen remodeling in the UK, because, of our unmatched years of experience coupled with our team of specialists in kitchen remodeling. We maintain a partnership with the best manufacturers of kitchen finish; we as well use high quality products for kitchen remodeling. We are not just recognized as the best contractor in kitchen renovation, but, also for house renovation as well as metal roofing, green housing, laminate flooring and interior design. So contact us today for your kitchen restaurant remodeling, and other projects.

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