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Small apartments and tiny spaces offer coziness and closeness that not a mansion could offer. With small apartments, residents tend to live with more intimacy and familiarity. However, even with this, most small spaces tend to lack in kitchen space. But just because you don’t have space, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the benefits a kitchen could offer. At SoFlo Kitchen Remodeling & Custom Cabinets, we believe that the kitchen is the heart of any home. And all houses, big or small, deserve a kitchen.

At SoFlo Kitchen Remodeling & Custom Cabinets, we can offer you have the most out of your space. We believe in turning kitchens into gorgeous and functional spaces. It’s all about working with the layout of the space you have, whether you want your kitchen tucked in a little corner or curbed to one of your walls.

SoFlo Kitchen Remodeling & Custom Cabinets believe in adding storage to your style. We can help do the renovation for you where we could help you with the planning, conceptualizing and implementing or whether you would just like to give a new fresh look to your cozy space.

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When the space is limited, it takes time and planning to have a space that would be multifunctional and stylish. Here are several kinds of tricks you could try in your current space:

  • Keeping it hidden – this will dramatically increase your space. You could maybe have a cabinet and have a pull out kitchen with your sink and cabinet storage space;
  • Swing out shelves – provides extra space and functionality while keeping it fun. Imagine only pulling out the items you need when you need them, in an organized manner;
  • Use your existing table as the island – the existing table where you eat can definitely be used as an island where you could chop, prepare, or cook your meals. You can even make it mobile!;
  • Use exposed shelving – shelving opens your space that not cabinet storages could do. If you want a more storage space using your walls, try shelving;
  • Pull up bar stools – your stools can stay hidden under your table and when you need them, they could automatically transform into chairs. You can even use that chair as an extra storage space;
  • Install a range hood – all small spaces need a range hood to remove the smoke, heat, odor by evacuation of the air and filtration;
  • Have your oven installed in a wall – ovens consume space. Have it installed in your wall and use the space outside of your four in walls as extra space;
  • Use bright colors to add dimension – dark colors make rooms look gloomy. If you want your room to look bigger and brighter, use bright colors. You could also pick a color palette and just be consistent with how you paint your kitchen. Sometimes, it’s the paint color that makes all the difference;
  • Use your window for lighting advantage – using natural light can bring you substantial energy savings to your energy bill. To add, natural light can be very flattering;
  • Use overhead cabinets where everything is built in – for those who don’t want to have shelving, you can try overhead cabinets. You can keep your stuff dust free. Just make sure that you don’t install them too high that it won’t be too hard to reach. Also, too much cabinets can make your space feel closed, so you may opt to break it up a bit;
  • Use pull-out garbage and recycling bins – you want to make sure that your space is kept clean and tidy. To achieve this, install your pull up garbage bin in a cabinet;
  • Built in fridge and freezer – since appliances take up most kitchen spaces, your fridge can be installed on your wall. You can have it matched with your cabinet designs to provide aesthetic harmony.

Every inch counts with building your small kitchen. You can convert it into a well-organized place without sacrificing style.

However way you want it, we at SoFlo Kitchen Remodeling & Custom Cabinets can make it happen for you. We want to provide you the kitchen that you deserve, the kitchen that you need. Contact us today and take that step of building your dream kitchen.

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