Tips on How to Create an Outdoor Kitchen

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Tips on How to Create an Outdoor Kitchen

As summer approaches, everyone is looking for an opportunity to get an outdoor kitchen in his or her home. It can be quite refreshing to prepare your meals in the open space as you relax with your family members. However, we cannot assume that everyone knows what an outdoor kitchen is. These are like any other themed cooking spaces inside your house except that their layout is situated outside the wall perimeter of your main house and normally located in the position of the sun with its beaming smile or that of the moon at its sweetest wink. This means that you will be enjoying all the benefits of nature as you work in your kitchen.

Outdoor kitchens normally serve as a venue for neighborhood bonding sessions, small parties, evening family get together, and even barbecue soirees. Therefore, this is a very important space in any modern house. However, you cannot build a functional outdoor kitchen unless you understand the basic elements of getting one. This article will be looking on this subject to help you come up with high-quality outdoor kitchens in your home.

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  • Planning

You need to have a blueprint of what you want for your outdoor kitchen even before you take the initial step of setting up your dream outdoor kitchen. The blue print must be able to identify where the outdoor kitchen will be located in the layout of your house. You need to identify the best location that will enhance the functionality of your kitchen. The blueprint should also identify the size of the kitchen and the level of functionality it has versus the other utility rooms that are inside the home. At the planning stage, you must also consider the type and number of kitchen equipment that you will be housing inside the outdoor kitchen. Therefore, getting it wrong at this stage can fail you up to the end. Spend enough time at this stage and the other things will move in place without any problem. In fact, it is advisable to hire house remodeling experts to help you come up with an excellent plan for your outdoor kitchen. The main guiding principle is how you will be using your space.


  • Architectural Concept

The next thing in line should be the concept of your outdoor kitchen. You need to ask yourself whether you will be going for a high-end, basic, economical, modern, or classic outdoor kitchen. Each of these concepts have a unique design and it depends with your intended use and taste and preferences.  The architectural concept has to portray the exact type of style that you wish to project in the space. You can also choose to go for a lavish concept like a country concept that has wood and bricks or the French Mediterranean concept that cone edges and scallops or a Thai that lavish the use of glittering accents and colors. You can always get some images of these styles online before you make a decision on the one you are going to adapt. More often, the architectural concept of outdoor kitchens is always in harmony with architectural design of your main house. You have to make sure that the theme of the two blends seamlessly. Take your time and collect the opinion of various professionals and trustworthy friends and family members before you finally settle on one.

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  • Technology

The element of technology is a requirement in any outdoor kitchen. Outdoor kitchens naturally call for the installation of rust proof equipment. The other element that you have to put into serious consideration is the durability of this equipment. The reason is that the homeowner has to consider the prevailing conditions of the outdoor environment while creating this space. The presence of drops from the rain and the direct sun rays, moisture of the surrounding plants and the soil, or the extreme temperatures during the summer or winter seasons all affect the functionality of outdoor kitchens. You must carefully choose your kitchen equipment so that they can be able to withstand all these conditions. Therefore, you need to install all-weather proof kitchen equipment in the kitchen. You don’t want to buy accessories that will be rendered useless after a short period of time. Remember the technology that outdoor kitchens require is very different from what you install in other spaces. The kitchen countertops should also be able to withstand these harsh climatic conditions.


  • Basic Partitions

Like other rooms that are located inside your house, the outdoor cooking environment needs to have clear cut partitions that will always provide enough space for each activity that needs to be done within the perimeter. You also need some mini petitions like kitchen counters to divide the cooking area from the section of preparing ingredients. The wet region could be characterized with sinks that will serve as a washing area for all the dishes, pans, used utensils, and even ingredients.  The partitions will help you to make sure that everything is in its place. Plan well for your partitions to avoid disappointments in the future. These partitions are the primary defining factors of the functionality of your space.


  • Safety and Security Features

This is a critical consideration in all outdoor kitchens like any other spaces in your home. The security features will basically offer protection to all your kitchen equipment and the other things that are installed on your outdoor kitchen. You must securely fasten and lock all the installed objects in your outdoor kitchen so as to offer them maximum protection. Remember the nature of outdoor kitchens consequently makes it susceptible to burglary and theft. On the other hand, safety features refer to those features that can prevent any call for accidents like electrical malfunctioning, oven explosion, and fire. Therefore, the outdoor kitchen must always have safety gadgets such as fire prevention instruments.

Lastly, the harmony that exists between all these critical elements will depict your perfect idea of your outdoor cooking space. You need to carefully pick your style and other kitchen pieces and this will translate into your dream outdoor kitchen.

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