Various Types of Kitchen Cabinetry

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Various Types of Kitchen Cabinetry

You could have been shopping for kitchen cabinetry and you are not satisfied with the selection of import cabinet dealers and the big box stores. Perhaps time has come for you to consider custom cabinetry for your kitchen. In this article, I will be looking at the pros and cons of stock and custom cabinetry.

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Stock Kitchen Cabinetry

The term stock kitchen cabinets refer to the cabinets that are pre-built to a particular size and shape and then sold to the dealers. Most manufacturers produce these products in 2-inch increments. Some of the basic kitchen layouts like the L-shaped ones can allow you to lay stock cabinetry without any problem.

However, some people don’t know what to do whenever they are fitting cabinets between the walls. In this case, the cabinet dealers will always supply users with filler pieces to fill up any huge gaps that eventually occur by using these ready-made systems. You can cut these cabinet filler pieces to fill any of the remaining gaps quite well.

The primary advantage of stock kitchen cabinetry is both quality and incremental sizing. However, be weary of the low-cost priced custom cabinetry because most of them are manufactured from thin materials. They also have economy class hardware like drawer slides and cabinet door hinges. However, stock cabinets are relatively cheaper that custom made ones. The speed of installation is also faster because you will not be waiting for the cabinets to be ready. They come in various sizes and you will not fail to get the size that will fit in your cabinets.


Custom Cabinetry

Custom kitchen cabinets are normally built for a particular kitchen layout, needs, and design taste. Custom cabinets can be built easily to match odd angles or fit between walls and this is not possible with stock cabinets. Kitchen cabinets have so many advantages over the stock ones. The custom cabinet manufacturer will make them in any style that is imaginable. They can also make for you kitchen cabinets from exotic or rare woods. You will also get a broad range fronts for your drawer and doors. Some manufacturers outsource cabinet drawer and door fronts. Therefore, you will get a large catalogue of doors that you can select from. Custom built cabinets allow you to choose the kind of hardware you want like door hinges and drawer slides. Most users prefer to go for hinges and drawer slides that have a soft close feature. The popularity of custom cabinetry has been on the rise and it may become the popular trend in the coming few years.


The Cost of Custom Cabinet

The truth of the matter is that custom cabinets are more expensive than stock cabinets. However, it is very hard to state the exact amount because it depends with the supplier and materials used. These cabinets have a much more solid fashion that make them to have the best quality. Make sure you understand the level of expertise of the professional before you order for these cabinets. You can go for stock or kitchen cabinetry depending on your personal preferences or cost.

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