Adding a Luxury Kitchen Design in Your Home

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Modern day kitchens are not just for cooking, but it is also used as a measure as one’s personal style and taste. At SoFlo kitchen remodeling, we understand this and thus we provide our clients with luxury kitchen designs that are creative and trendy. We are focused on providing incredible service with exceptional results. Our capable team assists by guiding you through the process of selecting your ideal kitchen design that matches your space, personality, and style.

Our designs have a unique appeal to them as they have a harmonization of form and color that makes our client’s kitchen stand out from the rest. We are constantly on our toes trying to come up with newer, better and more sophisticated designs to match up with our customers’ needs. We supervise work on the ground to ascertain that quality is upheld at every stage of installation.

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How Do We Achieve This?

Executive cabinets: as you enter the kitchen, the cabinets are the major components that make a kitchen stand out. As cabinets never go out of style, finding the perfect ones that will make a big statement is a sure bet when working with SoFlo. We have cabinets designs made from the finest materials with numerous finishes to choose from. If you don’t find what you are looking for, we make provisions to custom make it for you.


Kitchen tile and stone: we have the trendiest floor and backsplash designs. There is always something new in the design world and our team is always there to showcase it to our clients. In recent years, most clients have been leaning more towards custom designs like hand-painted tiles and back splashes which we offer.


Variety of light fixtures: good lighting in the kitchen helps bring out the personality and style of the kitchen. To this; we present numerous ideas to choose from to make your kitchen tastefully lit. Some of the ideas we have included under cabinet lighting, track lighting, recessed lighting, mini pendants, ceiling lighting, chandeliers, island lighting, and pendant lighting.


Going big on your obsessions: If you enjoy baking as a hobby or as a profession then we get you a fantastic design that creates room for an oven suited for the job whether small or large scale baking. This also goes for all the coffee lovers. At SoFlo kitchen design, we can create a beverage station for you.

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What Makes Us The Best?

  • We pre-plan our designs to guarantee that all the materials and components selected for the project will fit perfectly in the kitchen regardless of the shape or size.
  • We offer high-quality services and our entire team works thoroughly to deliver outstanding results within a reasonable specified time.
  • Our designs are custom made specially for each client we work with. We assure our customers of exclusivity and no project is ever copy pasted as every job has a different set of demands.
  • We have proven track record of providing our clients with top-notch designs tailor-made to their specific needs. We have worked with countless clients over the years we have been in business, and we always make sure their satisfaction comes first.


If you are looking for a reputable company that will work with your style whether simple, elegant, classic, or sophisticated, come to SoFlo kitchen remodeling. We look into every element of the kitchen from cabinets to the floor to ensure no detail gets past us. We are dedicated to providing kitchen designs that project comfort with a twist of class [kitchen and bath remodelers south florida]. By selecting to work with us, you choose designs that are timeless and elegant worth being on magazine covers.

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