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Commercial remodeling of kitchen involves remodeling done on a large scale. Basically, this type of kitchen remodeling is done for restaurants, hotels, or another large-scale kitchen. Since the kitchen is set up for a larger purpose, for making a larger quantity of food as well as for accommodating more number of people as chefs and cook, the whole process of commercial remodeling is a big task. 

Unlike simple kitchen remodeling which is done only for a household, including basic amenities, utensils but in the case of commercial remodeling, the whole case comes with a lot of hard work, effort, designing, and installation of equipment. We at SoFlo provide a wide range of professionals, designers to help make your kitchen commercial.

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The first thing that is very essential for a commercial kitchen is planning. Planning is really important before beginning any task, a good planning-about the plot, the layout of the kitchen, the menu, service area, washing area, countertop, and the accommodation of the people can be of great help in creating a well-designed commercial kitchen.

The second important thing for any commercial kitchen is getting a license. Every state or city has its own code for the safe environment of cooking. Every commercial kitchen has to get a license which means it needs to pass certain food regulation and safety rules.

Another thing to keep in mind is the space; good space is one of the most important factors for a commercial kitchen, without enough space it would become impossible for the people around to move in and out. Since the commercial kitchen is all about cooking different delicacy it is really important for the mobility of the chefs and cooks around, for the easy access and flow of cooking. Without a good space between appliances and countertops, the flow of work would be really difficult making the entire process of cooking a headache. Hence a good layout with a proper designer is a must before constructing the kitchen. We at SoFlo make sure to make your experience at kitchen very easy and efficient. 

Next thing to keep in mind is the menu, different themes of menu require different equipment’s to be installed. For example; a bakery shop may involve a large oven to be installed, whereas a seafood restaurant may involve installation of grills and other equipment’s hence one should be accurate about the theme of the menu.

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The countertops, floor tiles to be used in commercial kitchen should be of good quality since the commercial kitchen involves a lot of cooking the countertops and slabs should be of excellent quality and durability [bathroom remodel south florida]. Due to a lot of cooking they may ruin fast, attain grout, stains, and odor hence the countertops should be of good quality to avoid all the problems. 

Cost of commercial kitchen varies depending on whether the kitchen is for a big restaurant or a home-based bakery, or any other industrial purpose. But since the commercial kitchen requires installments of certain appliances it may cost a little high but With SoFlo we provide affordable options and guidance making every decision of yours easier, affordable, and efficient. 

Commercial kitchen remodeling involves a lot of cooking and that too for a bulk of people. Unlike general kitchen which involves just the handling of four to five people or even less, commercial kitchen has to handle a lot number of people. That’s why at SoFlo Kitchen Remodeling we provide all the necessities for a good commercial kitchen. 

When it comes to commercial kitchen it usually focuses on more space, comfortable cooking, better mobility, easy cleaning, and easy cooking. With SoFlo we promise to keep every detail in mind so that cooking in the kitchen becomes bliss. Welcome at SoFlo- creating a place where you can put your heart and soul.

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