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Need sensational Kitchen look? SoFlo Kitchen Remodeling is the Wizard for that. But hey, have you been into a quagmire while struggling with your old and outdated kitchen look? Does your kitchen work space a problem? Does the foodstuffs leave permanent stains on the surfaces? Then SoFlo Kitchen Modelers we are your long-time dream in remodeling and we have a lot to offer to you pertaining kitchen designing, planning and furniture collection!

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For the last 27 years in operation, we have been able to give that fancy touch to kitchen outlook with better countertops and new surface displays. Trust me that we are the most trusted when surfaces and countertops are concerned. We are the real experts of incorporating warmth, elegance sandwiched in beautiful honed marble.

The bright look it gives to your kitchen easing the strain in a powerless day is the factor we chose marble countertops for you. However, it is easy to clean since it does not suck any fruit juice food stuffs remains and water flowing on it. You will not bother whichever soup spills on the surface because our interior designers chose what is best for your kitchen daily operation.


We understand what you need

We know the worth of embracing stone countertops and surfaces such as granite. The rich beauty which comes with genuine granite countertop will turn all your attention to kitchen; it will be the centre piece due to its appeal and aura look. From the 20 types of granite countertops, our team will design your kitchen depending on your major operations taking place there. For instance, if you occasionally handle juices, we will seal the granite surface properly to avoid siphoning of juices or rather beer and the lie.

With us, never mind on your remodeling ideas because we have them; Caesar stone countertop which neither get scratched easily nor retain stains easily is the real touch our experts will make your kitchen has. You will never strain to clean it because a warmth clothe soaked in soap will leave it sparkling clean. You allow no force to maintain its original beauty; it comes automatically. The maintenance cost is zero.

With Pompeii, you may find it hard to differentiate between it and the marble or quartzite but all the same, your kitchen won’t be complete without its fine touch. A slab remodeled with Pompeii specifically the Altea or Beach white is an eye-catching slab. When I ordered for my remodeling from SoFlo Hammer designers, all my neighbors spend time in my apartments touching and scratching it because it looked edible in a way. They never stopped asking who sold to me such an idea to remodel my kitchen using Pompeii Altea.

My kitchen aisle looked filthy before until when I used Cambria surfacing technology from SoFlo modelers. I found myself moving to and fro kitchen without any plan but only to walk on the Cambria surfaced aisle. I didn’t imagine getting rid the racks and mopes all day until then. The smooth surfaces which maintained grip even when I came from washrooms. It never gets cold even during springs or winter; too magical to belief but it is true.   

No one can explain exactly what Corian surfaces are the best other than the SoFlo Hammer experts who know how to blend the variety of colors to give out what you need. With Corian, it is non-porous and heat resistant such that whenever the temperatures are extreme, the surface never gets hot for you to step on. As far as durability and variety of colors is concerned, Corian never has limitation to choose on. The edges and the cleaning is something which will make you order for remodeling of your kitchen just because you have fallen in love with the numerous shapes.

Don’t settle for less, get that look you have been imagining for your kitchen from us. We commit ourselves in service delivery for a classy living. Just consider SoFlo Kitchen for remodeling.

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