Inspiring Granite Countertops for Your Kitchen

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Inspiring Granite Countertops for Your Kitchen

Granite countertops are obviously one of the absolute show stoppers in your space. These materials are beautiful, durable, and very easy to maintain. No wonder an increasing number of people have been running for granite countertops for their homes. Another beauty about granite is that it comes in a number of patterns and colors.

It does not matter whether you are looking for contemporary looks or traditional ones. Granite countertops will always add a great sense of elegance to your precious space. Bordeaux Dream comes with brown tone blends and bright cream shade and hence blends well with either dark or light-colored cabinets. The black galaxy granite has a very shining design. It has an awesome appearance in light colored rooms.

There are several reasons that can motivate you to include granite countertops in your space. Its prudent to look at some of these reasons even before we narrow down at some specific types of granite countertops. The first beauty about granite countertops is that they are a representation of wide spaces. Kitchen remodeling contractors can use granite to turn your small space into a spacious one.

Granite countertops also have a clean and bright look. For instance, the bright color that is in the bright granite countertops will enhance bright coloring inside your room. Granites also provide a quite and soft color. White is a solid color and you can always find whit granite countertops for you space. Granite is also well known to be durable, flexible, resistant, unique, friendly, natural, clean, broad variety, low maintenance, durable, and great aesthetics. Therefore, you will be sure of making the right choice as you choose granite countertops for your kitchen. The most important thing is to choose a product that will match the overall theme of your space. The material requires  minimal maintenance and is highly durable.

So, would you like to upgrade your outdated cooking space and give it a modern look? All you need to do is pick appropriate granite countertops depending on your tastes and preferences. Here is a brief description about some of the top granite countertops and the cool features that come with these products.

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  • Black Galaxy

As said above, these countertops and dark and tend to flow well with light or white colored backgrounds. These granite materials are mined in the Indian subcontinent.  They have got some exceptional golden and white flecks on their surface and this adds a touch of uniqueness to your precious room. Black Galaxy also suits quite well in a traditional environment. The most important thing is to make sure that you get a material that blends quite well with the overall look of your house. These countertops will create a stunning space that is highly functional.


  • Mascarello

This material is ideal for those individuals who love to deal with autumn colors. Mascarello countertops is definitely an excellent option for a homeowner like you and me. These are dramatic granites that are made up of golden, black, and rests shades. These granite materials are a perfect choice for oak cabinets, maple, and cherry. Mascarello countertops also match quite well with wooden countertops. The material blends seamlessly with faucets, copper range hoods, and stainless sinks. Most homeowners appreciate the touch that these countertops bring to the home. They have the ability to turnaround an old looking kitchen into a contemporary one. Given the broad variety, you can always get one that blends well with the overall theme of your house. Home remodeling contractors are well placed to advice you on the best Mascarello to buy for your space.


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  • Juparana Delicatus

Juparana Delicatus are one of the most beautiful granite countertop materials that you will find in the market. The reason is that these products have a unique combination of black specks and dark brown specks embedded on a whitish background. This gives them an appealing look that you cannot compare with any other. They have the ability to give your counters and backsplashes a very unique appearance. These granite countertops also match quite well with hardwood flooring. Just allow a home remodeling expert to come and evaluate you space and he will help you to identify one that will perfectly blend with your home. Given the modern glass globes and iron lighting fixtures that are in the Juparana Delicatus, they will bring out a great excitement that you can try out during your culinary adventures. The materials produce an exclusive look that you cannot afford to miss in your kitchen.


  • Bordeaux Dream Granite

Bordeaux dream granite countertops and surfaces come with russet veins, beautiful slate, and a champagne. What a combination of great features in a single product? These countertops pair so well with cream or white cabinets in order to create a timeless and traditional feel. These granite countertops will always give your room a special touch as long as you use them well. The good thing with Bordeaux dream granites is that they are not only restricted to bright colors. They also match so well with brown and black cabinets. This means that you can install them in different spaces and still get an excellent look.


  • Caravelas Gold

This is the last type of granite countertops in our discussion. The product is an incredible combination of grays, browns, and soft creams which all form whirling veins all over the surface. They pair seamlessly with grey and pewter cabinets and bring forth an elegant look. These elements will definitely add a wow factor to your precious kitchen.

These are just a few picks from the long list of granite countertops that are available on the market. You can find other exemptional granite colors in the catalogue. The most important thing is to get a product that will perfectly match with your space. Its always prudent to seek professional advice whenever you are looking for the best granite countertops. The varieties out there are many and this may make it hard for you to make an educated decision on your own.

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