Various Options for Kitchen Countertops and Surfaces

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Various Options for Kitchen Countertops and Surfaces

The market has a long list of options for kitchen countertops and surfaces. In this article, we will be looking at some of the common materials that are available on the market when looking for countertops. It will help you to make an informed decision when trying to remodel your kitchen. It’s wise to understand all the advantages and disadvantages of each material in order to make an educated choice. You don’t want to learn some of these things when you have already installed your kitchen surfaces. Take time and learn about each of these countertop materials before you embark on the kitchen remodeling task. In this article, we will only focus on five countertop materials. You can take some time

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  • Marble

Classic white marble remains top on the list for most homeowners who want to choose kitchen countertops and surfaces. Marble is one of the most popular materials that have been attracting several fans for millennia. The natural material has a broad range of choices depending on the species you choose and how it is cut. The material creates a good-looking natural pattern that you will not find in most artificial materials. It is very hard to find something that is as white and marble in the market.

There are various types of marble countertop material that you can choose from even though most people only think about the creamy white stone. You can find types that are black, red, gold, green, and even taupe. However, most people prefer to stick to white because of its aesthetics. The slab stones differ slightly and its good to choose the exact piece of stone that you will be using for your kitchen countertops and surfaces. Its advisable to get a long piece that does not have any seams. However, make sure you book-match any marbles that have seams.

Quarries differ but you can cut specific kinds of marble blocks to get a unique veining pattern. You can either get a flowered pattern, striped, or linear appearance. Kitchen remodeling experts can use several cuts to create some fantastic looks. Some of them use cross cut on the floor or vein cut on the walls.

Finish your marble countertops with penetrating sealers to give them a long-lasting performance. You can also use professionals to remove any stains that stick on the surface so that you do not damage the marble. Unlike other countertop materials, you can always polish or sand down marble whenever it gets damaged. However, marble countertops will always patina over time and you have to accept this reality.


  • Corian

Corian is basically the brand name for DuPont’s which one of the most popular countertops for your kitchen. This is among the oldest solid surface counters to be sold on the market. Corian comprises of 66% minerals and 33% binding resins. This composition makes it stain resistant and non-porous. The material can resist heat up to approximately 212 degrees F and its recommended to use trivet under very hot pans to prevent it from warping. Color pigmentation is included in the resin so as to give it the final coloring.

You can bend and shape Corian in infinite ways because the material is highly flexible when you heat it. The material remains seamless after installation because you can blend the epoxy that is used in gluing the pieces together to match. After epoxying and joining the pieces together, you can sand the dried seam into invisibility and this will leave behind a smooth and unblemished finish. In fact, Corian is a man-made countertop material that does not appear to be man-made. The material is more durable than cheaper countertops and tends to be more affordable than stone.

The strength and durability of Corian in excellent but most people are interested in the appearance of their kitchen. There is no shortage when you think about the colors that Corian has to deliver. You can find 113 available colors on the website of DuPont and you can place your order directly from there. Some of the colors emulate various stones like granite and marble while other feature a collection of metallic fleck materials. These colors are many and can match with any kitchen coloring theme. The beauty of Corian is embedded in its simplicity. It looks more of a natural stone and is as durable as quartz. Corian offers one of the best finishes for your kitchen countertops and surfaces.

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  • Quartz

The other name for Quart countertops is the engineered stone. These are man-made engineered stones that combine 90 percent ground quartz which is a natural hard mineral and 8 to 10 percent pigments, polymers, and resins. The end result is a very hard surface that resembles that one of granite. The appearance of your kitchen countertops and surfaces will depend on how the quart was ground. Quartz that is closely ground results into a flecked appearance while finely ground ones produces a smooth appearance.

The main advantages of quartz are that it is durable and extremely hard, stain and crack resistant and non-porous, glossy sheen, does not need resealing or sealing, easy to clean with a soft cloth, water, and soap, and comes in a broad rang of colors. The challenge with the material are that it is not tolerant to heat, expensive, and you cannot avoid seams for large kitchen countertop designs. Quartz countertops are quite heavy and its recommended to use professionals to carry out the installation process.


  • Glass

Apart from being durable, glass kitchen countertops and surfaces are resistant to scratches, stains and heat. The maintenance of glass countertops is as easy as stone ones and the cost nearly resembles that of granite. You can go for glass materials that are embedded with texture, smooth, colored, or translucent. However, most people prefer to combine glass kitchen countertops with other elements to create a big statement. They also install a lighting system under the counter to create a feeling of backlit. You can also enhance the artistic touch in your kitchen by infusing the glass with bright colors. You can also custom-design glass kitchen countertops to suit your specifications. The primary advantage of the glass material lies in the fact that it has a bright and light look that is also airy and contemporary. This look is very different from hard stone surfaces and cold.


  • Tile

The last material for kitchen countertops and surfaces that we will be discussing in this article is ceramic tile. This material is easy to clean and highly durable. It is an excellent and inexpensive kitchen countertops choice for any average home. Most resourceful homeowners can do the installation of ceramic tiles because they can be done in one section at a time. The main advantages of tiles include design, texture, color, and price. The challenges of this materials are that they produce uneven surfaces, can easily crack or chip, the grout lines attract stains, and it’s very expensive to get custom-designed tiles. You can read more on the other kitchen countertops and surfaces that are available in the market.

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