Top Advice for Luxury Kitchen Designs

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Top Advice for Luxury Kitchen Designs

The kitchens of early years had the basic design of being functional. Due to this, they did lack proper design and glamour. Currently, they have a huge role in bonding and bringing together not just members of the family but also friends. This means that the role of modern kitchens is evolving over time. It is an area where activities like celebrations get planned and crucial decisions are made. Therefore, regardless of the individual you are, the kitchen needs to be a place that has to exhibit a comfortable and happy environment. And can be achieved with ease when you possess luxury kitchen designs.

Before remodeling and renovating the kitchen, there are several elements that need to be put into consideration. This article will give you some highlight on how to plan for your luxurious kitchen.

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  • Design Concepts or Ideas

Make and collect precious ideas. When you are on the lookout for possibilities and options, you need to be open to the great flow of concepts and ideas that you might encounter. You may also consult magazines and home improvement leaflets or just visit showrooms of shopping centers so as to gain a lot of knowledge.


  • The layout

You need to make a decision on how your luxury kitchen designs have to appear. When choosing the layout, it is crucial to consider a section for putting furniture and other appliances. They need to be located in a way that they would complement the working space perfectly.


  • The Style

You need to give a style you always wish a thought. A lot of styles involve employing colored cabinets, storage spaces, and countertops. If you have the intention of utilizing gloomy wooden designs for the countertops, it will be adorned perfectly by use of chrome accents and stainless steel.

The internet is a perfect place for finding many designs ideas and concepts which can be crucial in realizing your desired kitchen. This dream is not cheap. It will not be luxurious minus lavish items like hand-made cabinets, granite sinks, attractive and functional cabinets, elegant back splashes, quartz countertops, and first-class faucets.

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  • Luxury Sinks

Luxury sinks from luxury kitchen designs come in glass, stainless steel, stones, copper, and wood. In case you prefer a stone type sink, you have a lot of choices to choose from. When you want stone material that will give you service for long and improve the appearance of the kitchen at the same time, it is preferable to use granite. The popularity of vessel sink is also on the rise. Vessel sinks, unlike sink basins, are placed on top, and not below the countertop. Due to their position, they are more noticeable and create a significant statement.


  • Hi-Tech Appliances

Modern luxury kitchen designs and trends employ modern appliances that blend well with the design of choice. There are customers looking for restaurant-type appliances alongside the warmth and luxury of dark woods and natural stones for countertops. When you choose cabinets, it does not matter the person who made them, because what matters is if it can blend perfectly with high-efficient appliances you intend to place in the kitchen.


  • Luxury Kitchen Design Tips

When you are making choice on a luxury plan for the home, you may often get hung on the details of the kitchen. Should you have a separate breakfast nook? Should you include an island countertop? How much space for storage do you require? Will you have a skylight? Sometimes the kitchen is the center for all activities of the family, so all details have to meet your aesthetic design and needs. When you are beginning to make plans for a custom home, below are some of the things you need to mind when designing your kitchenette.

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  • Utilize mixed materials for countertops

In many luxury kitchens, possessing space dominated by slabs of marble or granite countertop will make the room feel harsh and cold. The kitchen is arguably among the most utilized rooms in the home, giving it reasons to feel welcoming and warm. You need to take another approach with your luxury kitchen designs and use various countertop materials like Silestone, limestone, or wood in addition to marble. For example, you may go for the wood top on the island, which makes it feel and look like a traditional counter space or kitchen table.


  • Hide your appliances.

Nothing will clutter the design of the kitchen like many appliances filling the countertops. When designing luxury kitchen, ensure that you incorporate a lot of room for storing gadgets in the kitchen. You may opt for a huge pantry with inbuilt shelving, or cabinet with internal countertop for heavy, big kitchen equipment. You may also integrate huge appliances like dishwasher and refrigerator in the design for it to blend with the remaining cabinet design.  If done well, the paneling needs to hide the appliances so that no one can tell if they are there.


  • Get the right lighting

Terrible lighting will kill luxury kitchen designs regardless of how perfect the remaining design is. A lot of homeowners go for functional lighting which strives to illuminate the room, but this lighting does not lend itself to creating the mood for the kitchen. Lighting is not similar to fashion that you have to mix and match diverse styles to come up with the right looks. You need to try out various recesses lights above the sink and countertop, elegant ceiling lamps, and decorative pendant lights to add color, light, and style to kitchen corners.


  • Do not be afraid to add patterns and color

While white luxury kitchen designs may seem luxury oozing, there does not exist a rule that vibrant patterns and colors are not just at home in the kitchen. Bright red accents on the wall with white cabinets will intensify space and becomes focal points of the kitchen. A patterned, blue backsplash on the stove will add a Mediterranean flair to the luxury kitchen and the jewel stones will pop against dark countertops.

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